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"Tre Cipressi" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"Tre Cipressi" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced without the use of chemicals.

Name: “TRE CIPRESSI” extra virgin olive oil

Oleic acid content: 0,30%

Color: bright green with gold reflections

Bouquet: elegant, persistent, characteristic and herbaceous, enveloping and aromatic

Taste: tasty and fragrant, slightly spicy, hints of herbs, tomato and wild thistle

Composition: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino

Production area: Poggi di Baschi, Baschi (TR) Umbria

Exposure and altimetry: mainly South and South-West, mt. 250/285 a.s.l.

Soil type: Clayey and medium texture

Farming system: Polyconic vase, average density per hectare 260 plants

Average age of olive trees in production: 25 years

Average olive yield per plant: 28 kg.

Average oil yield per kg of olives: 15%.

Harvesting period: from the last week of October to the first week of December

Harvesting method: by hand with electric and pneumatic harvesters

Temperature of extraction: 23°C

Packaging: cans ml. 500, ml. 3000, ml. 5000; bottles ml. 500 and ml. 1000.

Average annual production in liters: 1600