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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Intense aroma and flavor characterize our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from our excellent olives grown in the Umbrian territory

SINCE 1920


The area for the olives production is about 2 ha, divided into four plots with different exposures and types of soil. The average age of the plants is about 25 years, the breeding is a polyconic vase with planting scheme varying from m. 4x4 to m. 8x8. The varieties are the most typical of the Baschi area: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino, the latter is the pollinator. No fungicide and insecticide treatments are carried out, and fertilization takes place with the use of slow-release organic fertilizers. Olive grove’s field is rarely ploughed, since we prefer to keep a green turf. The harvest is done by hand starting from the end of October until the end of November with the use of electric and pneumatic shakers.

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"Tre Cipressi" (Three Cypresses)

As per ancient Umbrian tradition, we produce our extra virgin olive oil by combining the zonal varieties in a single harvest, so we can achieve a perfect balance of aromas, fragrances, color and taste. The pressing is done every day at the end of the daily collection, using the best and modern equipment at a maximum temperature of 23 ° C, all to ensure a perfect product from an organoleptic and quality point of view. The result is an oil with great character, explosion of chlorophyll, remarkable palate pleasantness and hints of tomato and wild thistle.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil - No Chemicals-

Name: “TRE CIPRESSI” extra virgin olive oil

Oleic acid content: 0,30%

Color: bright green with gold reflections

Bouquet: elegant, persistent, characteristic and herbaceous, enveloping and aromatic

Taste: tasty and fragrant, slightly spicy, hints of herbs, tomato and wild thistle

Composition: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino 

Production area: Poggi di Baschi, Baschi (TR) Umbria 

Exposure and altimetry: mainly South and South-West, mt. 250/285 a.s.l. 

Soil type: Clayey and medium texture

Farming system: Polyconic vase, average density per hectare 260 plants 

Average age of olive trees in production: 25 years 

Average olive yield per plant: 28 kg. 

Average oil yield per kg of olives: 15%.

Harvesting period: from the last week of October to the first week of December

Harvesting method: by hand with electric and pneumatic harvesters

Temperature of extraction: 23°C 

Packaging: cans ml. 500, ml. 3000, ml. 5000; bottles ml. 500 and ml. 1000.

Average annual production in liters: 1600

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